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The last Chance Maverick
by Chrystyne Butler

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Vanessa Brent came to Rust Creek Falls, Montana to paint a mural on a wall in a renovated year round resort. She left Philly after losing her best friend to cancer. Now she has a fresh start and a bucket list she and her friend Adele made. Jonah Dalton, a divorced architect is back in his hometown to help his friend renovate his families resort. He was burned bad by his bad divorce and hasn't been back much. But Vanessa has peeked his interest. Could it get serious?

Perks Of Being A Wallflower
by Stephen Chbosky

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Many novels have tried to tackle the intimacy of being a teenager, but no book does it like Perks of Being A Wallflower. Chbosky writes about the teenage experience beautifully, using the letter format and first person narrator to create a raw, unfiltered account of high school. The book does a great job of dealing with serious issues and pulls the reader in. This book was one I could read over and over again and never get tired of. The writing is impeccable. Each character is fully fleshed out and as a reader I could see myself in each of them. Each page is chock full of expressive writing and expertly done dialogue. From beginning to end, this young adult novel is like a moment in a bottle. Chbosky perfectly captures the nuance of teen relationships, grappling with change, and discovering oneself. Many authors have attempted to do this, but in my opinion, no one comes close to this book. All in all, this book is a must read if you are yearning for an authentic teen drama; emotional and real.

Starry Eyes
by Jenn Bennett

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Who doesn't love a good friends-to-enemies-to-friends-to-lovers book? The story between Zorie and Lennon and how they grew apart was so heartbreaking but it just made their reconciliation all the more better. As you go along with them on their journey, you can't help but make heart eyes at their witty banter and cute moments, as well as root for them when they face hardships. I absolutely loved this book and the dynamic between the two main characters really made it something special.

Magic Tree House 15
by Mary Pope Osborne Magic Treehouse Series

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Its all about viking ships and monks.

by Paradise press

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This book was about how the Green Goblin tries to ruin the football game. He tricks Spider-Man by hiding in a football costume but Spider-Man scores the touchdown and beats Green Goblin.

Lady Midnight
by Cassandra Clare

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Lady of Midnight is the first of The Dark Artifices trilogy, which is a spin-off of the classic series The Mortal Instruments. This specific book covers the events that befall Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family after the catastrophe caused by Sebastian. Specifically, Emma and her parabatai Julian try to avenge the deaths of her parents whilst encountering an even deeper and treacherous demonic plot that occurred behind the scenes. To make things more complicated, Julian’s lost half-faerie brother Mark appears and makes the young Shadowhunters question everything that they heard or ever knew about the faeries. I absolutely loved this book and it follows the same reputation that Clare’s other books in this series possessed. Not only is the cover amazing, Clare ensures that she keeps her readers intrigued and hooked throughout the book through plot twists and never ending questions. I also admired how the author was able to continue writing about the Shadow World through this novel, in which she was able to expand on it to an even greater extent. I would recommend this book to a friend because this novel definitely gets you “in the feels” and keeps you reading every step of the way.

Creative Image Transfer—Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface: 16 New Mixed-Media Projects Using TAP Transfer Artist Paper
by Lesley Riley

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Decent Book mainly talking about the benefits and how to use this prosses called Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) That's all!

Dear Martin
by Nic Stone

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This book was one of my favorite books to read. I liked this book because it was an eye opener on many real world problems. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. In this book Martin, the main character, goes through discrimination despite being top of his class and overall a good student/person. Martin was put into handcuffs by an assumption made by the police. Later on his friend Manny was shot by a police officer. These are examples in the book of how Martin went through discrimination.

We Were Liars
by E. Lockhart

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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is a powerful book with many unexpected plots twists. It's one of those books that you'll love, because of the intricate storyline, and hate, because of the character's decisions at the same time. The book goes by fast, and the end will live you speechless and teary-eyed. The book ties together multiple themes from family to relationships to the power of money. It teaches you a lesson but scars you at the same time. This is one of my all-time favorite books, and if I could read about the events on Beechwood Island for the first time again, I would!

One Of Us Is Lying
by Karen M Mcmanus

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Very good read for people who love a good mystery and romance. The plot is very unpredictable and in my opinion the idea is very creative and original. Its super well written and eye catching. Also the way the characters are portrayed is amazing. To sum it up five kids go into detention and one only four kids come out alive. Its your stereotypical group; the jock, the nerd, the popular and the bad boy. They all come together to find out who is trying to pin the murder of the fifth kid in detention on them. They collect clues and go on mysterious trips to do/ find anything that will take the suspicion off of them.

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