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Where Is Babys Belly Button Book
by Karen Katz


Pick Of The Litter
by Bill Wallace

Middle grade fiction I read to see what the market is like. Sweet story about a boy who works to help his sick grandfather with his hunting dog business.

Desperate Measures
by Stuart Woods

Another book in the Stone Barrington series. Pretty typical for the most part, but a few subplots kept the momentum going. Not one of his better books, but not too bad.

The Lincoln Conspiracy Brad Meltzer
by Brad Meltzer

I’m not a fan of history, but I did interview Brad Meltzer many years ago for Sisters in Crime and have kept in touch with him periodically. He signed my purchased book, so it was only right to read it. I must say he and Josh Mensch provided many interesting facts on Lincoln’s early life and his election, along with details on the Pinkerton detective agency, including the first female private detective, that I found this book riveting. Perhaps if we’d have had more interesting reads like this, I might have enjoyed history class more. The similarity of Lincoln and current political unrest are hard to ignore. Highly recommended read.

Recipe for Romance
by Olivia Miles

Emily works in Sweeties Pie Bakery. After 12 years ,her old love Scott Collins came back into town to help his parents. A family secret drove him away and it still effects his relationship with them. He needs to come clean with Emily to restart his romance .

Someone Like You And That Summer
by Sarah Dessen

Scarlet Thomas and I are best friends. Her boyfriend Michael died while I was at summer camp I came home to help her figure out her life and mine while waiting for her baby.

11 Birthdays By Wendy Mass
by Wendy Mass

This book was awesome. 11 Birthdays is an action-packed story with something new I have never found in reading. The twist of Wendy having her 11th birthday everyday put me, the reader, into awe. I was enjoyed by this story and this new direction the story took. The ending was also very cool when her and Leo realized that they are best friends forever. This book was great, one of my all time favorite books with a lot of suspence and curiousness involved. This was a great book.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

This book made me get into books. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is one of my all time favorites because of how fun and realistic it is. It showed me how realistic the book is to real life high school. The different the characters and their traits explain how some people are and that to me was very cool. This book had a lot of funny and embarrisng moments that I could relate too, and was a great first edition book of the series. This book had no flaws, I enjoyed it.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime
by Mark Haddon

This book was in the point of view of a kid with a form of autism. Reading this book, the author's craft was amazing. The way the author was able to write in this point of view, including side stories as the kid often gets distracted from the main plot is great. The side stories do get annoying as you just want the main story line but due to the point of view, the author did a great job. The character development wasn't shown well but that may be due to the point of view also. This book doesn't really convey a message as I believe the author just wanted to show readers how kids with autism think and act, and I believe that was done ver well. I would recommend this book to people who want something different and unique.

Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley

This was a really interesting book that takes you to a "perfect" world. This perfect world is created by wiping out everything that scares people and doesn't keep them calm. This includes god and even aging. They create babies as robots and whenever people are scared they just drink alcohol to keep themselves calm. This book challenges a futuristic world with a world we have today. It was portrayed really well by the author as it convinces many how good this new futuristic world is even if it sounds ridiculous on paper. I would recommend this book to many as it helps give you a different perspective of our society. This book was slightly hard to read due to the time period it was written, though you would still be able to understand the novel.
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