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The Outsiders
by S. E. Hinton

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In The Outsiders, Ponyboy lives with his siblings who have lost their parents. He is a part of the Greasers, whose enemies are the Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny are close to getting in a fight with the Socs. When Ponyboy comes home, his brother Darry is truly enraged and Johnny and Ponyboy then go out to cool down, however they get into a fight with the Socs. The fight concludes in Johnny killing Bob, and the boys then go to hide in a church. Bob's girlfriend is willing to testify in court. Additionally, Ponyboy forgetting a cigarette causes the church to burn down, which injures Johnny. He dies in the hospital, and Dally's death occurs after he robs a store. These deaths take a toll on Ponyboy's mental health which encourages him to write about how one must fix things before anything ends bad.

Travel team
by Mike Lupica Books

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Amazing book

Golden Tower Magisterium Book 5
by Cassandra Clare

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In the beginning, Call kept hearing Aaron's voice in his head. After a while, he went to the Magisterium and learned that Alex Strike was a devoured of chaos. According to the Masters there had never been a devoured of chaos before. In the middle, Call remembered his past and in his past he learned that there was another devoured of chaos. He know knew how to defeat Alex. He started finding devoured's of fire,water,air, and earth. In the end he defeated Alex and know Alex was a normal mage. Also, from Aaron jumped from Call's head to Alex and he became Alex Strike, but with his own soul. Finally, Alex and Call went through the golden gate to prove that they were pure good.

Never Babysit The Hippopotamuses
by Doug Johnson

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This book is about all the things you should and should not do to keep the hippos good while babysitting them. I liked the part where they had a nighttime snack and ate lots of popcorn and when they did cannonballs into the bath tub. They also like when they had pillow fights. Me and my siblings like to have pillow fights too. They are fun.

The Unwanted Stories Of The Syrian Refugees
by Don Brown

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The book. "The Unwanted Stories Of The Syrian Refugees," by Don Brown is a very educational and great book. I think this graphic novel should be read by everyone because this novel talks about the Syrian Refugees and all of the suffering they have been through and what they're going through now. This problem should be solved there are many Syrian refugees right now that are suffering because they cannot leave. These people have been suffering for years and everyone should know about this and be educated about this topic ,so I would give this book a 5/5 rating because it is a very good novel.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins

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This is the second book in the Hunger Book series and I enjoyed it for the most part. This book felt a bit more boring than the last one in the series, but did pack a lot in the second half. Katniss and Peeta pretending to be in love and Katniss really actually liking Gale was something which was an issue and I enjoyed how it became an issue. The 75th Hunger Games concept was really cool to me with the past competitors. The rebellion group and the 13th District that we find out about are both very cool and can relate to America now. The ending is that part which really made me like this book, just so much new and turns that I would not have expected like District 12 being gone, Peeta not making it out, them landing to District 13. It made me so hyped and anxious to read the next book in the series because I was ready to see what takes stage next in this battle between the Capitol and rebels.

The Girlfriend Curse
by Valerie Frankle

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Everytime Peg Silver gets into a relationship she breaks up and the guy finds his forever mate within 6 months She moves from Manhatten to Manshire,Vermont to meet the man of her dreams Instead she finds herself at Inward Bound-an adult education retreat for hopeless lovelorn people. She wants to find out why she has the "girlfriend Curse."

Snow Day
by Rosemary Wells Books

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This book is about how Max and Ruby couldn’t go outside because it was snowing so hard. Max wanted to go outside but it was too cold. It is like they have to be quarantine to stay home just like we have been during COVID-19.

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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In this book, Percy Jackson is the main character and he later realizes that his father is actually Poseidon, which makes him a half-blood. Being a half-blood comes with lots of trouble because he is now more prone to monster attacks, so he must train at Camp Half-Blood where many other half-bloods go to train and to master their skills. However, a conflict arises amongst the gods and Zeus' lightning bolt gets stolen. This incident is blamed on Poseidon because there was already a pre-existing feud between the two. Percy Jackson must go on a quest in order to prevent a war to break out amongst the Gods and to prove that it is not Poseidon who Zeus should blame. Percy Jackson realizes that it was actually one of his friends, Luke, who stole the lightning bolt because he wanted a war to break out amongst the gods since he thought that the Gods had been in power for too long. Percy ends up battling them and he was able to attain the lightning bolt on time. Poseidon talks to Percy Jackson and he calls Percy, "the true son of Poseidon." Back at camp, Luke ends up telling Percy that he is working for Kronos, a Titan, but Luke decided to let a scorpion sting Percy, with intentions to kill him. However, Percy manages to survive.

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