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The Outsiders
by S. E. Hinton

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In The Outsiders, Ponyboy lives with his siblings who have lost their parents. He is a part of the Greasers, whose enemies are the Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny are close to getting in a fight with the Socs. When Ponyboy comes home, his brother Darry is truly enraged and Johnny and Ponyboy then go out to cool down, however they get into a fight with the Socs. The fight concludes in Johnny killing Bob, and the boys then go to hide in a church. Bob's girlfriend is willing to testify in court. Additionally, Ponyboy forgetting a cigarette causes the church to burn down, which injures Johnny. He dies in the hospital, and Dally's death occurs after he robs a store. These deaths take a toll on Ponyboy's mental health which encourages him to write about how one must fix things before anything ends bad. In my opinion, the book is well suited for any age and it is a good reminder of how you must do the right thing before it's too late. I would recommend The Outsiders to anyone wanting to read about why you must make the right decisions and why it's important to be mindful of the decisions you make in life.

by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Speak follows the main character Melinda Sordino after she endures a traumatic experience before the start of the school year. Melinda calls the police, but doesn’t tell them what happened, and the police end up shutting the party down. This changes everything for her, as she becomes an outcast. Melinda does not tell anyone about what happened at the party and carries it with her, feeling like she has to go through it alone. As the school year progresses, Melinda's mental state worsens and she feels she has lost her voice. She does not talk to her family or anyone who wants to help her because of this. The readers see her lose hope and push the few around her away. Melinda regains her voice at the end of the school year and speaks out about what happened to her, and she feels free because of it. She regains her ability to speak. This book is one of my favorites and it spreads a beautiful message. Melinda went through something horrible, and she suffered greatly because of what someone else did to her. The readers see her suffer during the school year when she is hiding from others and unable to communicate. At the end of the year, Melinda shares her story and no longer has to carry this by herself. The title of the book displays what Melinda was trying to do all along, and what she accomplishes at the end. She speaks out and it changes things for the better.

Batman meet the superheroes
by Michael Teitelbaum

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Batman gets help from Wonder Woman and Superman to fight the evil dragon in Gotham city.

Little Red Writing Book
by Joan holab

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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Jk Rowlings

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This was perfect to start off the joyful series. Harry's journey to Hogwarts and away from the Dursley's was a great way to introduce the character to readers and get knowledge about where this book is going with. Harry finding out about his powers at the zoo added on to getting to know Harry and what is in store to come. His first qudditch match, relationship with Snape, friendship made with Ron and Hermione were all points in the story which added on to make the story a more enjoyable one. The suspense came when Harry was attacked in the forest by Voldemort and when he finds out about the stone which is guarded by the big dog. Harry's hero self shows when at the ends he goes to get the stone with his friends and does a lot to get closer and closer to it. He meets up with Voldemort who is in Quirrell's body and is able to keep it away from Voldemort stealing it. Gryffindor eventually winning the cup capped off this story beautifully, as the book was an enjoyable rollercoaster of Harry's first year just showcasing that a lot more is to come and that Voldemort is not finished. I would recommend this story to anyone who has not read it because it is just an amazing packed story with a lot happening.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by J.k Rowling

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The book," Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone was really good. I loved it! In this book there were many twists making it very exciting! This book is about a boy finding out that he is a wizard and going to wizards school named Hogwarts .There he learns spells and make 2 best friends for life! He has many problems on his journey at Hogwarts. He isn't like the other wizards at Hogwarts, he's special. This book is definitely a great book and everyone should read it.

by Erin Bowman

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Taken is a really good book you should read in your free time. It has many cliffhangers. It is about a town that is under experiment by the government. Every boy that turns 18, gets heisted. Gray and Blaine, are brothers. Gray is a year younger than Blaine. When his brother got heisted, he found a letter from his mom that passed away. But the other half of the letter was missing. So he climbed the wall we’re his town was placed in. He finds a huge city, and his brother. It turns out Gray and Blaine were twins. The leader of the city tells Gray of a man that started the experiment, and left it like that. Gray and his brother find him, and his dad.

The Girlfriend Curse
by Valerie Frankle

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Everytime Peg Silver gets into a relationship she breaks up and the guy finds his forever mate within 6 months She moves from Manhatten to Manshire,Vermont to meet the man of her dreams Instead she finds herself at Inward Bound-an adult education retreat for hopeless lovelorn people. She wants to find out why she has the "girlfriend Curse."

Cure For The Common Breakup
by Beth Kendrick

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Summer Benson is a flight attendant who was in a plane crash, her boyfriend ( the pilot) decides to break up with her while she is in the hospital leading her to Black Dog Bay, Delaware where women who just had a break up go. She finds the mayor,Dutch very attractive but should she risk her heart for him. Everyone there is voting her on except Hattie Huntington who tries to keep her away from him because of what happened 50 years ago

The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

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The Fault in Our Stars, written by esteemed author John Green, has been an emotion filled experience primarily based upon the teenage protagonist, Hazel Grace Lancaster. Unfortunately, during the duration of the novel, she suffers from thyroid cancer, which makes her dependent on a heavy and irksome oxygen tank due to the fact that her "lungs sucked at being lungs". Despite her debilitating condition, Hazel’s personality throughout the story involves wry, dark humor, in which the audience often sees helps her cope with the diagnosis she is forced to endure. Her true humor radiates whenever she is forced to attend a cancer support group at her local church that her mother coerces her to attend. Even though this is just one glimpse of Hazel’s morbid outlook on matters at hand, when reading the novel, the reader discovers how much of a blunt and grim humor Green attributes Hazel’s character with. Nonetheless, the elaborate story commences at Hazel’s Support Group, in which she sees what she describes as the one positive aspect of it, her friend Isaac, who had lost one eye and unfortunately was going to lose another as a result of his cancer. For the first time accompanying Isaac was his friend, Augustus Waters, a strikingly significant character who takes immediate interest in Hazel. Augustus also had cancer, but a case of osteosarcoma that unfortunately resulted in him having his leg amputated. Afterwards, the story takes off with the two characters building a romantic relationship. On their first encounter, the two avid readers share book suggestions to one another. Significantly, an important aspect of Hazel’s favorite book she suggests to Augustus, An Imperial Affliction, about a protagonist that has cancer, leads to the two later traveling to Amsterdam. There they meet the author, Peter Van Houten, who resides intoxicated having left the book on a relentless cliffhanger after what the teens later find was a result of the author's daughter’s loss to the horrific battle of cancer at a young age. The reason their travels are so significant at the time is because Hazel’s condition unfortunately has caused her to have an episode that resulted in admission to the ICU for a couple of days. This moment of Hazel and Augustus’ relationship was very significant, as it showed that throughout the entirety of Hazel’s hospitalization. Throughout the duration of the book, Augustus and Hazel’s relationship flourishes in the fun, youthful, and unique way Green describes it until an unexpected heartbreaking outcome occurs: Augustus’ suffers a severe relapse of his osteosarcoma and he passes away. While in the novel one of Hazel’s main concerns was passing away and hurting Augustus due to the lack of her presence, instead circumstances resulted in Augustus’ passing profoundly affecting Hazel, giving the novel its moving and emotionally heart rending twist.

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