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I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912
by Lauren Tarshis

This I Survived book, about the Sinking Of The Titanic in 1912 is a must-read. Once you start reading this book you just can’t stop as this is what happened to me when I read this book. The novel's main character was George Calder, a 10-year-old who on his 5th day on the Titanic who he believed was the greatest ship in the world that had just about everything you’d need. George, his 8th-year-old sister Phoebe and their Aunt Daisy were all having a fun time on this floatless place that was heading to New York. Aunt Daisy only didn’t like whenever George kept on getting in trouble for what he called “Great ideas” like doing things such as sliding the first-class lobby’s banister off the grand staircase and climbing the huge ladder into the crow’s nest. George didn't want to make her aunt anymore serious so he decided to be a perfect gentleman. Additionally, her sister, Phoebe took responsibility and said she wanted to take her out of her sight. But later on, when George heard there is a mummy in the first-class baggage room that some say it’s bad luck to take a mummy from its tomb, it hit George as he got an idea to see the mummy without telling anyone. So when his Aunt and sister were asleep he sneaked out and remembered the times he sucked out to the wood while his father and Phoebe were asleep. He was successful by getting into the first-class baggage room and up to the point of opening the fragile package where the mummy was when a strong man came by and later decided to open it, suddenly the ship started to shake and rumble. This was George’s chance to run away from the suspicious most likely thief, which he did but he still felt scared. He heard the engine of the ship had stopped and people were talking loud on the deck where he realized that the ship had just hit an iceberg and for that reason and precautions the ship’s engines had stopped for the moment and it will be back on soon. Hearing that George went back to his bed silently leaving to trace around. However, he was having trouble sleeping as he was thinking about the gifted knife he had been given on his 9th birthday, which lost while attempting to see the mummy, and why the engines were still not on and running. While he was thinking and processing all this, someone came knocking on the door. It was Herry a worker had come saying how they had bumped into an iceberg and that the captain wants everyone up on the deck. Aunt Daisy and Henry were a little worried at first and on top of that finding out that Phoebe was missing from her bed led to more concern that made George admit he went outside when they were sleeping. Luckily, George spotted she had made a trail of Lemon drops so she could find her way back. After a lot of tension and chaos, George was able to find her sister with the help of one of his friends Enzo but something no one had ever expected was happening as the Titanic was sinking and green water was entering the ship. More and more was in the water, things were now crashing and it was clear not all were going to make it. There were not enough lifeboats, and the ones that were working were crowded. It was all chaos everywhere and everyone was now panicking! Will George and all his family survive this? If so how? Read the book I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912 to answer all questions and concerns you have!

I Survived The Attacks Of September 11, 2001
by Lauren Tarshis

This novel from the popular “I Survived” series was worth making. I liked how they were able to nicely put it apart. I liked how she put together fiction and facts. The last pages Tarshis included were pretty cool, as it made me have a deeper understanding of the author and why she made this book, as well as show the events that happened in 9/11 in a nonfiction way and even answer some questions to understand more about the horrific event. One other thing I liked about this book is how they made such a tragic event and the book have a happy ending for the protagonist, his family, Uncle Benny and Lucas’s love for football, and the guys who Lucas used to play football with. It was nice to know they were safe at least. At the start of the novel, we are introduced to Lucas a kid who lives in Port Jackson, New York, and loves football with all his heart but later he is told by his doctor and parents, not to play football ever in his life anymore in order for him to have fewer concussions as his doctor said he had too much as a kid in just to years. Lucas was shocked by hearing this so he decided to get advice from his Uncle Benny, who is a firefighter in New York City, just a few blocks away from the Twin Towers, that had made Lucas fall in passion with the game, hoping he will be able to convince his parents. With that, on a beautiful morning, he sneaked to NYC taking the train instead of being at school where he reaches and finds his Uncle Benny. As they were having the conversation they witnessed a plane so close crash into one of the twin towers. Everyone was shocked, and Uncle Beny had to go… After many horrifying issues constantly occurred in the city, and one month after those who survived returned back to their homes, it was the best time for the author to end the book by trying to make a happy ending as Benny was watching and enjoying a football match because he states he had to only quit the team not his love for football nor the guys in his team that meant a lot to him! Overall this was a great book and I recommend all to read it!

Eerie Elementary : The School is Alive!
by Jack Chabert

Sam, a kid at Eerie Elementary school was chosen to be a hall monitor, he was disappointed to be chosen to do his job and wear the shiny orange sash. When he saw his friend’s hat was left outside, he didn't hesitate and did what a very good friend would do. Sam had sneaked outside to get the hat but unfortunately, in the path he found himself stuck in quicksand. As am was being swallowed by the quicksand in the school, out of nowhere, Mr. Nekobi the old man who took care of the school came and saved the kid’s life. After Sam was rescued he felt suspicious about Mr. Nekobi and that he was hiding something as the old man did answer his questions. After that awkward and strange scene, Sam had witnessed he rushed to his class where he witnessed a few more strange things such as an old oak tree strangely moving, looking like it was waving at Sam from the window and the clock in the class that’s sound changed from the normal Tick Tock to Ba bump that sounded like a beating heart. After school was done and his friends ran their way home Sam had to go on his duty, which he hated. Sam had decided to rest on a chair for a minute since there were no teachers around and he was tired. He would have regretted sitting on that chair outside the principal's office after finding out he had fallen asleep and now he found himself locked inside the building that was nearly pitch dark. It was midnight, he thought, by the amount of darkness. Then he saw something horrifying, all the locker doors clang open and then close shut as the school was starting to crawl alive. How will he survive? Read the book to find out what happens next in a school that is alive!

My Weird School 15: Mr. Macky Is Wacky!
by Dan Gutman

The novel starts with President's Day is coming soon and the school gets ready for the day off. Mr. Macky dresses up as Abraham Lincoln to get the students at Ella Mentry School excited about their Presidents' Day oral reports. Later the librarian dresses up as George Washington to give some more support for the students' oral reports about one president and facts about them. Students throughout the school were assigned this project. AJ kept the “so-called” president he picked a secret to everyone because he wanted his report to be better than his competition Andrea who was the best at everything and won everything. AJ worked and worked until the day after the break to present the oral report. Andera’s was good and it was AJ’s turn, he picked Benjamin Franklin because he was on the $100 bill. And that’s when no one said anything since Benjamin Franklin was never a president!

Lunch Walks Among Us
by Jim Benton

Lunch Walks Among Us a book by Jim Benton is a meaningful book that I personally loved and would recommend to all as it amplifies a few messages and lessons one should seek in life. In the novel, we get introduced to a little girl called Franny K. Stein was new to her school and wanted to fit it. However, this was very hard for the girl as she's different from the rest being a mad scientist. And had a different approach to things the rest of her classmates didn't. But Franny was very lonely since no one wanted to hang around her. Therefore, Franny decided to fit in with the rest so she can have friends and become popular. Even though fitting in is a good thing but if not enjoying what you are doing and are just doing it to fit in for popularity, it might not be the best approach. Read Lunch Walks among us, as this specialized children’s book amplifies recurring messages such as, it is best at being yourself, don’t change accordingly to the way others want you to, it’s fine the way you are and to be the odd one out, as well as find ways to unite with your differences and similarities. Read this novel now, at your local Libary, or any other place you can!

Dragons Love Tacos
by Adam Rubin

I loved this book because the dragons are silly!

Cool for the Summer
by Dahlia Adler

I thought this book was amazing! I fell in love with the characters.

Where Is Babys Belly Button Book
by Karen Katz


Pick Of The Litter
by Bill Wallace

Middle grade fiction I read to see what the market is like. Sweet story about a boy who works to help his sick grandfather with his hunting dog business.

Desperate Measures
by Stuart Woods

Another book in the Stone Barrington series. Pretty typical for the most part, but a few subplots kept the momentum going. Not one of his better books, but not too bad.
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