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The Earls Pregnant Bride
by Christine Rimmer

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Geneva Bravo-Calabretti always knew she would live at Hartmore. Rafael Devaleny the Earl of Hartmore marries Genevira because she is carrying his child. By being together they realize they loved each other since she was 5 and he 13.

A Forever Kind of Family
by Brenda Harlen

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Ryan Garrett and Harper Ross became the legal guardian of Oliver when his parents died. They both love Oliver and decided they would do anything for him. They moved into his home,married and fell in love. ..

The Apothecary's Daughter
by Julie Klassen

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I enjoyed this historical fiction novel set in 1820 in England. Apothecaries were allowed to diagnose patients and prescribe medicine. A girl leaves her small town for London and comes back to help her Dad, the Apothecary. She finds love and true happiness in helping her sick Dad and her true calling. Would recommend this book.

by Raina Telgemeier

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This book was really good! This book is a true story based on Raina Telgemeier. This book is about how Raina overcomes her fears of food and anxiety. She goes to a therapist which helps her. Her best friend move and her bully gets surgery. She becomes friends with the bully and also overcomes her anxiety and food fear. This novel had many ups and downs and I would definitely suggest this novel. This is a good read!

The First To Lie Hank Phillippi Ryan
by Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Received this as a free ebook ARC from the author as part of promotion. I'm not a huge fan of books that go back and forth in time, so from the beginning it was a bit confusing keeping track of characters. Also, one of the main characters was working undercover, so she had two names throughout the story. You know by the title that someone is lying. There are also multiple characters trying to find people missing from the past. By the end you need to suspend belief because more than one person has been impersonating someone. I can't say more without giving away the ending.

Never Babysit The Hippopotamuses
by Doug Johnson

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This book is about all the things you should and should not do to keep the hippos good while babysitting them. I liked the part where they had a nighttime snack and ate lots of popcorn and when they did cannonballs into the bath tub. They also like when they had pillow fights. Me and my siblings like to have pillow fights too. They are fun.

Light Filter In Poems
by Caroline Kaufman

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I chose to read a poem book by Caroline Kaufman, by the name of, “light filters in: poems”. I had been meaning to read a poem book for a while and I picked this one because it seemed new and not as popular. The poems in this books were a compilation of many themes and had a wide range of topics. If I were to simply explain some main subjects, the struggle to learn how to love yourself, depression, sexual abuse, abusive/unhealthy relationships and the past. Of course I was not able to relate to every single poem, but I found it extremely sensational and grateful to read about what goes through people’s minds and personal experiences with it. I found myself closing the book many times out of pure shock of how exact the words were. It felt as if my own heart and mind were written out on a page. Every single poem touched me in some way, whether it was because I was touched by it, related to it, thought the same thing, learnt something from it or understood something. Caroline Kaufman is a student herself which makes me feel more drawn to her because she is speaking in real time. She also addresses the readers very well and her poems are very smooth to read because it is direct and doesn;t distract the reader with complex descriptions and imagery. I want to read more books by her and also more collections of poem books because they convey a different type of message in my opinion. It was a good read and most definitely a book I would recommend for people who are looking for something easier to read but still have a connection and depth to it.

Midnight Sun
by Stephenie Meyer

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Midnight Sun is the new Twilight novel that shows the events of the first book from Edward Cullen's perspective. I found this book to be my favorite from the entire Twilight Saga. While I mainly read the books for nostalgia, this book impressed me. It gave readers a larger understanding of what Edward went through and matched his character perfectly. This book filled in gaps for the story and added depth to Bella's character because of how Edward described her. While there are elements of the Twilight series that can definitely be considered cringe-worthy, this book was still very enjoyable and was a needed addition to Twilight.

by Rosemary Wells Books Max And Ruby

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This book is about how Max and Ruby were trying to get their grandma’s house but it snowed and it was too deep. They used a shovel and maxes toy car so Ruby could plow a path to get to grandmas house.

by Marissa Meyer

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This beautifully written book by Marissa Meyer is really well put together. The author really went into depth on how she was often mistreated for being a cyborg and I feel like many people can relate to this situation for being mistreated by their race, nationality, etc. The plot was really well put together and it makes you want to know what will happen next. Overall, this is a great book if you're interested in Science Fiction.

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