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by Erin Bowman

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Taken is a really good book you should read in your free time. It has many cliffhangers. It is about a town that is under experiment by the government. Every boy that turns 18, gets heisted. Gray and Blaine, are brothers. Gray is a year younger than Blaine. When his brother got heisted, he found a letter from his mom that passed away. But the other half of the letter was missing. So he climbed the wall we’re his town was placed in. He finds a huge city, and his brother. It turns out Gray and Blaine were twins. The leader of the city tells Gray of a man that started the experiment, and left it like that. Gray and his brother find him, and his dad.

The Blue Bistro
by Elin Hilderbrand

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Adrienne came to Nantucket Island for a job. She has always worked in hotels but here she is going to work in a restaurant which will close in August. She greets the customers. Thatcher Smith and Fiona Kemp own it. Fiona has cystic fibrosis and is the chef.She falls in love with Thatcher who loves Fiona and helps her through her illness.

by Anna Todd

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This book details the tumultuous relationship between college freshman Tessa and avid British reader Hardin. Despite the setbacks and mishaps that threaten to destroy their bond, these two fight through their issues and come to realize that they are more similar than it may seem. Todd touches several teenage themes through humor and specific jargon that is sure to entice her young adult readers. This fan favorite is sure to tug at anyone's heartstrings while establishing the idea that not everything is as it seems.

Dogman Unleashed
by Dav Pilkey Books

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Great Humor

A Study In Scarlet
by Arthur Conan Doyle

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet is the first novel in the famous Sherlock Holmes series. It is narrated from the perspective of Dr. John Watson, a doctor who served during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. After getting wounded in the war, he moves back to London and is in search of a place to stay. Watson meets his friend Stamford at a bar, who happens to have an acquaintance—Sherlock Holmes—looking for someone to split the rent of a flat. Upon meeting each other, the two discuss their idiosyncrasies and ultimately resolve to live together. Watson grows curious about Holmes’ life and discovers that Holmes has a vast knowledge of chemistry and sensational literature, but he has little to no knowledge regarding philosophy and astronomy. Holmes explains that he is a consulting detective and laments that there have been no cases for him to solve recently. He shows off his deductive skills by correctly guessing that a visiting messenger is a retired sergeant of the Marines, based solely on his tattoo and facial hair length. The messenger drops off a letter which informs Holmes of a murder that occurred the previous night. Holmes will attempt to utilize all of the evidence that he can find, including a woman’s wedding ring, the German word rache spelled out in blood, footprints, a bottle of pills, ashes, and paint chips in the wall, in order to solve this story of revenge that has its origins in the vast American desert. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s decision to have Watson serve as the peripheral narrator is highly effective. Even though Sherlock Holmes is the central protagonist, the reader is unable to see Holmes’ thought process and how he arrives at his sometimes seemingly random deductions, creating an air of mystery and adding to Holmes’ eccentricity. This element of suspense allows readers to predict what will happen next based off of the clues presented, making reading more of an interactive experience. Watson is much less eccentric, making him more relatable to most readers and a more effective narrator. Doyle is deliberate in all of the choices he makes in the story, as minute details he includes often have bigger significance later on in the story, serving to create an elaborate plot. The language used is reflective of the language spoken in 19th century England, which serves to establish a fully immersive setting. Anyone who enjoys the mystery genre, solving puzzles, or British culture should read A Study in Scarlet.

Travel team
by Mike Lupica Books

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Amazing book

Chihuahua Chaos
by Linda O. Johnston

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This is a novella I’ve had on my Kindle for awhile, but just got around to reading. It would appeal to dog lovers, but the shortness of the story doesn’t really allow for a lot of character or plot development. Still, it’s an enjoyable cozy solved by an amateur sleuth, and Johnston has a nice, easily read style.

Batman meet the superheroes
by Michael Teitelbaum

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Batman gets help from Wonder Woman and Superman to fight the evil dragon in Gotham city.

My Plain Jane
by Cynthia Hand

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This novel very was well crafted. I love all of the elements it contained since it brought all sorts of emotions into me. The characters weren't the stereotypical historical characters. They were all different and questioned the ways of society. I loved how each chapter was for a different character. There was a little bit of everything in the novel, from action to romance to horror to comedy. The plot was very good, it escalated throughout the story and it had me on my toes. Each chapter made me wonder what would happen next. The main charterers of the book are Alexander, Jane, and Charlotte. Charlotte and Jane live in a school called Lowood School. Charlotte is an aspiring author who writes about all sorts of things. After becoming interested in her best friend, Jane, she decides to make Jane the protagonist of her story. The story Charollete is writing is the life of Jane. Jane can see ghosts which led to a ghost investigator, Alexander Blackwood, to try to recruit her into his Society of the Relocation of Wayward Spirits. The Society finds ghosts that are bothering people and tries to send them into the afterlife. However, Jane is against this idea as her best friend, Helen Burns, is a ghost. Instead, she decides to become a governess in the home of Mr. Rochester. T Charlotte falls in love with Alexander and is willing to do anything for him, so she works together with him and tries to recruit Jane into the Society. While doing this, the characters find a terrible secret about the Society, London, and Mr. Rochester.

There was an old Who swallow A bat
by Lucille Colandro

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This book is fiction. It was a funny book about all the different things the lady swallowed to catch the bat she swallowed first. Then she became fat. At the end the wizard casts a spell so she could yell, “ trick or treat.”

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