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Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley

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This was a really interesting book that takes you to a "perfect" world. This perfect world is created by wiping out everything that scares people and doesn't keep them calm. This includes god and even aging. They create babies as robots and whenever people are scared they just drink alcohol to keep themselves calm. This book challenges a futuristic world with a world we have today. It was portrayed really well by the author as it convinces many how good this new futuristic world is even if it sounds ridiculous on paper. I would recommend this book to many as it helps give you a different perspective of our society. This book was slightly hard to read due to the time period it was written, though you would still be able to understand the novel.

by Gary Paulsen

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The novel, Hatchet, is an adrenaline filled story fo a boy stranded in the isolated woods of Canada. Brain Robeson was on his way to see his father after their parents split up, when his plane crashed and landed in a shallow lake in the middle of the woods. He quickly realizes how he is stranded alone in the wilderness and he must take care of himself to survive. Brain, although 13, has a wide span of knowledge of how to survive in the wild, and he uses his with to build shelter and find food. Through his journey he comes in contact with several conflicts such as bears and poisonous berries. The book is a marvelous adventure that is sure to keep the reader intrigued all throughout. Due to some gruesome and inappropriate scenes in the book, I would recommend that teens over the age of 13 should read.

Dear Evan Hansen The Novel
by Steven Levenson

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Everyone is familiar with the famous Broadway Musical, Dear Evan Hansen, which is what inspired me to read this novel in the first place. I was very pleased and surprised by a plot that was not familiar to me before; as a result, I was compelled to keep reading at a quick pace. I loved how the authors accurately depicted the lives of many high school students and issues that people have to deal with today. The main character, Evan Hansen, is the depiction of a raw human being

Hawks Way Bachelors
by Joan Johnston

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Three bachelors Adam Phillip's married Tate Whitelaw,Faron Whitelaw married Belinda Prescott and Garth Whitelaw married Candy Baylor. All of the bachelors fell in love and married when they all said they wouldnt.

The Silver Mask Magisterium 4
by Cassandra Clare

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In the beginning Call didn't like prison. The assembly kept asking him things like "When did you realize you were evil? What was your first memory? How many times did you meet Master Joseph? What are his plans?" Call always told the truth, but they still accused him of lying a lot. After a while he escaped with the help of Tamara, Anastasia Tarquin, and Raven. In the middle, Call was with Master Joseph and was trying to raise Aaron from the dead. He was learning with Alex. After a while, he raised Aaron from the dead! Later, he realized that Aaron was a little bit chaos-ridden because Aaron did everything he said. Aaron accidentally killed Master Joseph. In the end, there was a war between Alex and the Magisterium. In the war, Call used so much chaos magic to defeat Alex that he was starting to die. But Aaron gave back the part of Call's soul that Call had used to bring him alive. Call was alive but Aaron started to die again. After the war, Call was proven to be good. When he was coming home he heard Aaron in his head and realized some of Aaron's soul might have came into his.

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Dogs
by Nick Bruel

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This is a fiction book. It is about a cat who is tired and wants to take a nap but the dog wants her to play all sports with her. She tries to trick puppy into playing the “sleep” game to see who can sleep the longest. She wins and gets her sleep.

Mouse Makes Words
by Kathryn Heling

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In this book Mouse finds new ways to make rhyming words. He uses many site words and word families to rhyme words.

Pete The Cats Groovy Bake Sale
by James dean

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This book was about Pete the Cat baking for his school bake sales.

by Neal Shusterman

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Scythe is about people being chosen as scythes, who are the only ones who can end lives. Other than that, people are immortal, unless killed by scythes. This book follows Citra and Rowan on their journeys to becoming scythes. I enjoyed reading this book because I enjoy dystopian books the best. I would highly recommend reading this book to anyone who is deeply interested in the dystopia “realm”.

Tempted By Love
by Jennifer Ryan

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Alina Cook is a sister to 2 DEA AGENTS WHO ARE GETTING MARRIED. Their friend Jay Bennett also a DEA agent falls for her big time but is afraid of what the brothers might say. Alina is a pharmacist whose partner in the business got into some illegal matters and she is now involved. They are after her and Jay protects her.

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