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Where Is Babys Belly Button Book
by Karen Katz

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by Paradise press

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This book was about how the Green Goblin tries to ruin the football game. He tricks Spider-Man by hiding in a football costume but Spider-Man scores the touchdown and beats Green Goblin.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

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If the previous book review wasn’t stressing this enough - this series is addictive. I finished the second novel in the series (The Sea of Monsters) within 2 days, and that being reflective of not my reading capabilities whatsoever but instead of Rick Riordan’s talented writing skill! The novel starts with Percy Jackson, the protagonist, living back in his normal life in a New York apartment with his mom (or as normal as life in the exposed world for a demigod could be). However, when Percy starts having nightmares about his best friend/satyr (Grover), monsters suddenly invade an innocent game of gym dodgeball at his school, and a fellow demigod (Annabeth) visits him out of nowhere, he realizes that something is really wrong. The spirit of Thalia (through the pine tree) at the top of Camp Half-Blood’s hill - the camp that protects demigods from monsters - has been poisoned and thus, weakening its boundaries. The only solution is the magical Golden Fleece, but as Percy, Annabeth, and others at the camp are told, the fleece is nearly impossible to reach...because it’s in the Sea of Monsters. With twists and turns, Greek gods/goddesses interferences, and monsters/mortals/evil demigods chasing Percy and Annabeth (and later, Clarisse), eventually all three of them and Grover manage to defeat the cyclops at the island where the Golden Fleece was kept...all the while Percy found himself a new brother! By the end of the book, a new problem arises when the Golden Fleece’s magical powers work a little too well…(I’ll leave that for you to read - I can’t spoil it!) Overall, I 100% recommend this book (as well as the first) for anyone looking to invest in a captivating teen adventure or interested in Greek mythology!

The story of America’s Birthday
by Patricia A. Pingry

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This book taught me when America’s birthday is and why we celebrate it. I learned that the original 13 colonies in the USA was ruled by England. We did not like their taxes so we fought them in a war and won our freedom. That’s why we celebrate the birthday of the USA on the 4th of July.

The Radium Girls
by Kate Moore

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Conclusion: The Radium Girls by Kate Moore is one of those books where, once you get past the volume, you realize that it is such an important, yet sadly-concealed story that we all should come to understand because of its future repercussions. In its pages, it holds various controversial topics involving gender, workers’ rights, and corruption that still remain issues in today’s society. Seeing how so many women were actively neglected by most of the world, despite the extent of their outcries, versus how one male chemist’s death starting changing the playing field manifested the gender inequalities in society. While such inequalities would likely not be ignored in today’s American society, we see how there are still unfair standards between women and men today. Also, workers’ rights from the early 1900s to now have improved significantly proving that (unfortunately) it takes bold voices in the midst of tragedies to make a difference. Truly, I think I were in these women’s shoes, I would not have pushed through because I would be in constant fear of when my end would be nearing. It might just be a storyline, but when you see the faces of people actually experiencing such excruciating pain, you wonder how they were able to power through and manage to shed light on such important problems. Overall, I think this is a book that students should definitely read in their classes to really appreciate how far America has luckily progressed and the importance of having our voices heard. Personal Evaluation: Evidently, I believe this book is a great one to add for readers that want to uncover a dark secret in our American history; however, it should be considered that a book of such volume (400 pages) and complicated storylines (from the characters in both the New Jersey and Illinois firms) can be difficult to read. It was only after finishing the entire novel that I noticed that I continuously reread sections to remember which character I lost track of or which event happened where to clear up the confusion. From there being three different Catherines, over forty characters to recall, and two alternating locations, I personally found it to be very tedious to keep rereading. In the end, my interest to see the aftermath of this tragedy pulled me through the book, but I feel as though the same cannot be said for every reader. Thus, if readers are genuinely interested in the topic, I would definitely recommend it!

House Of Secrets
by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini

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It is an absolutely thrilling adventure and mystery book. Three siblings find that their family has moved into a house that's owner used to be best friends with their great grandfather but then something happened between them and now the daughter of Denver Kristoff (previous owner of the house) has trapped the children within three of her father's books all mashed together. Together, the children fight against warriors, collasi, a witch, and pirates. They all search for the Book of Doom and Desire. This book is possessive and takes control over a subject and gets them to turn off their humanity and fill them with greed.

by Michael Grant

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The book Gone had a very good concept. It was never done decently before. It was a dystopian world where there were only kids. Kids ruled everything and kids were everyone. I think the books were just too long for me.

by George Orwell

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1984 by George Orwell, is a dystopian novel taking place in the nation of Oceania. 1984 follows Winston Smith who works in the Ministry of Truth, a place where historical records that do not please Big Brother or The Party are altered. The Party controls the people and all of Oceania with Big Brother as the overseer which they prevent free thinking. Throughout the book Winston encounters certain people and an organization which allows him to begin to free himself from the controlling aspects of The Party until his new found reality comes crashing down. I had first read this book in school but after reading it again on my own I actually enjoyed the book very well. The entire premise of Winston of isolating his rebellious thoughts and slowly acting upon it, going against Big Brother was extremely well-written as in fact it was The Party's plan of him doing this. The fact that Oceania's government can be closely compared to the current day real-world governments are amazing as this book was written in 1948, long before certain governments came to power. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book when giving it a second chance.

Searching For Dragons
by Patricia C Wrede

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The last book was Dealing with dragons and is mostly about Princess Cimorene and the dragon, Kazul. This book is about a witch, a king, and a princess trying to rescue a dragon. The witch is a kind witch named Morwen. The king is Mendanbar and the princess is Cimorene. The dragon is Kazul. In this book the wizard causes trouble again by kidnapping Kazul. They free her and they go back to the castle of the king. Then King Mendanbar has a wedding with Cimorene.

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