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The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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In this book, Percy Jackson is the main character and he later realizes that his father is actually Poseidon, which makes him a half-blood. Being a half-blood comes with lots of trouble because he is now more prone to monster attacks, so he must train at Camp Half-Blood where many other half-bloods go to train and to master their skills. However, a conflict arises amongst the gods and Zeus' lightning bolt gets stolen. This incident is blamed on Poseidon because there was already a pre-existing feud between the two. Percy Jackson must go on a quest in order to prevent a war to break out amongst the Gods and to prove that it is not Poseidon who Zeus should blame. Percy Jackson realizes that it was actually one of his friends, Luke, who stole the lightning bolt because he wanted a war to break out amongst the gods since he thought that the Gods had been in power for too long. Percy ends up battling them and he was able to attain the lightning bolt on time. Poseidon talks to Percy Jackson and he calls Percy, "the true son of Poseidon." Back at camp, Luke ends up telling Percy that he is working for Kronos, a Titan, but Luke decided to let a scorpion sting Percy, with intentions to kill him. However, Percy manages to survive.

The Stone Girl's Story
by Sarah Beth Durst

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This book is about a Stone girl, Mayka looking for a stone mason to recarve her family's marks. She goes with her friends Jacklo and Risa who are both stone birds that can fly. She meets a little dragon named Siannasi Yondolada Quilasa. But, they called her Si-Si. They go to the place where their father, the man who carved them was born.(Skye) They set off and they found a stone mason who recarved their marks.

The story of America’s Birthday
by Patricia A. Pingry

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This book taught me when America’s birthday is and why we celebrate it. I learned that the original 13 colonies in the USA was ruled by England. We did not like their taxes so we fought them in a war and won our freedom. That’s why we celebrate the birthday of the USA on the 4th of July.

Debbie Ryan Her Sweet Life
by Riley Brooks

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This book was about the life of Debbie Ryan. It told how she moved to different states and even Germany when she was younger. She was picked on by schoolmates a lot growing up. She started auditioning for tv and movie roles when she was 7. The movie 16 Wishes was one of her biggest successes as well as the tv show, “Jessie.”

The Dollhouse
by Henrik Ibsen

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The Doll’s House is a play about a housewife, Nora, who feels oppressed by the norms of women in society and the way her husband treats her. She learns her self-worth as the drama progresses and goes against the stereotypes of women to show her independent strengths.

Keeper Of The Lost Cities Book 7
by Shannon Messenger

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This was a really great book from one of my favorite series. I really liked the way they developed tension and also the chemistry between some of my favorite characters

Doc mcStuffins starry, starry night
by Bill scollon

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This book was about Doc, her brother Donny and her neighbor watching a meteor shower in the sky. Her telescope, Aurora has blurry vision so Doc fixes her by replacing her eyepiece. Now everything is clear and they can see the meteor shower clearly.

Of Mice And Men
by John Steinbeck

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I chose to read the book “Of Mice and Men,” by John Steinbeck. It is a novella about the story of George and Lennie who are two migrant ranch workers who are constantly on the move around California seeking work during the Great Depression. George and Lennie seem to be complete opposites and it is evident from the begininng that Lennie suffers from some sort of mental disorder, which sort of puts George in a caretaker position that impacts their dynamic and relationship throughout the book. The main motif in their storyline, however, is their dream of one day owning a farm on their own with rabbits and crops and being free of the worry of not being able to have a place to live or being able to pay for food and what not. Their dream literally is meant to represent the American Dream and what it meant to George and Lennie and probably many other similar people at the time of the Great Depression. However, by the end of the novel, they haven’t managed to accomplish their goal/dream, which is one of the major themes of the novel. The novel focuses on the impossibility of the American Dream and this notion manifests itself in a number of characters throughout the book. Many of the characters had their own version of an American Dream, but what they all had in common was the fact that they never achieved it. For one, Curley’s wife wanted to be a movie star. However, she finds herself dragged down by her marriage that she is unhappy with. Similarly, Crooks and Candy both join onto the idea of one day living on their own farm with George and Lennie and living off the fat of the land, as they would say in the book. And then most obviously, George and Lennie never made it to accomplish their dream, which also stopped Crooks and Candy from getting to live it out with them. All of these characters’ desires for happiness and to follow their dreams is a common idea but at the end of the day achieving them was impossible. “Of Mice and Men” is one of my favorite books and I regularly re-read it because it just left such a memorable impression when I first read it. I loved the kind of bleak undertone that was omnipresent throughout the book, despite some of the characters’ attempts to stay hopeful at times when they knew their dreams were impossible and out of reach. I also really enjoyed the ending because it is refreshing to have a book with a more harsh ending because I think it gives a more realistic story for the reader.

The Painters Daughter
by Julie Klassen

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This Christian historical novel was set in England during the Napoleon war. A painters daughter finds herself carrying the illigitimate child of a high society man who is a painter. The man's brother finds her and gives the child a name. Sophie learns all about the rules of society and reads Sense and Sensibility too. A nice cozy read with Christian values.

by Rosemary Wells Books Max And Ruby

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This book is about how Max and Ruby were trying to get their grandma’s house but it snowed and it was too deep. They used a shovel and maxes toy car so Ruby could plow a path to get to grandmas house.

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