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Junie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl
by Barbra Park

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Junie B. Jones, who is almost six leaves no advantages to behave like a grown-up lady, which is to prove to her mother and family, she is capable of handling older people’s stuff. When the good news comes out that Junie’s aunt Flo is getting married, Junie decides to become the flower girl of the wedding as it is an ideal way to prove to her family she’s a grown-up lady.“A flower girl is the very first person to walk down the aisle at the wedding, they carry a flower basket and throws the petals all over the floor.” However, when she asked her aunt to be the flower girl, Junie became miserable that someone else was going to be the flower girl. To make the situation slightly better for the poor girl, Aunt Flo decided to make Junie the alternate flower girl. Junie became excited and wished that Bo (the flower girl) isn’t able to reach the wedding just days away so she can take Bo’s part to prove that she is a grown-up lady. On the wedding day, Junie B. Jones was all dressed up like a flower girl. She had figured out Bo was here ready to do her job. Thereafter, Bo was throwing petals over the floor, she reached Junie which after a while of getting into a fight, Junie got a few petals to throw to make things finer for Junie. The book ends successfully, as Junie and Bo become friends and Junie learns that it’s fun to be little, and she shouldn’t be acting like a grown-up lady!

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Dogs
by Nick Bruel

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This is a fiction book. It is about a cat who is tired and wants to take a nap but the dog wants her to play all sports with her. She tries to trick puppy into playing the “sleep” game to see who can sleep the longest. She wins and gets her sleep.

Billie B Brown The Missing Tooth
by Sally Rippin

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I liked this book.

Just Over The Mountain
by Robyn Carr

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Dr June Hudson has a secret lover (Jim-DEA) that no one knows about when Chris her high school sweetheart came back to Grace Valley with his 2 teen sons. Myrnas husband who has been missing for a very long time...rumors are his bones are in the yard.

Eight Perfect Murders By Peter Swanson
by Peter Swanson

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Haven't read anything by this author, but saw the book on Book Pages. Clever plot, good mystery. The subplot is revealed as the protagonist works with the investigator to solve the crimes. A bit of a stretch here and there, but not bad.

Magic Treehouse Series #15
by Mary Pope Osborne Magic Treehouse Series

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Its all about vikibg ships and monks

Cemetery Boys
by Aiden Thomas

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When Yadriel's cousin is murdered, he decides he's going to find and set his cousin's ghost free in order to prove himself a real brujo to his family, who are having trouble accepting his gender. With his cousin/best friend Maritza, Yadriel accidentally summons the ghost of Julian Diaz, his school's "bad boy". Julian isn't one to go quietly, and is set on finding out what happened to him. Maritza and Yadriel have to help him so Yadriel can right his mistake and focus on finding his cousin. The more time Yadriel spends Julian, the less Yadriel wants him to go. My smile was so big while I read this book. The characters were written so well, and they each had their own well-developed backgrounds and struggles that shaped them. The cultural magic intertwined with mystery made for such a gripping storyline. At the end of the book, I was left with a happy sense of fulfillment. On the downside, the villain was a little bit predictable, especially when you go over everyone's hardships. Only one of them truly identified with the greed and anger that was told of in the stories of Balham and Xibalba. Also, Julian and Yadriel's relationship seemingly popped up toward the last three-fourths of the book. It could've stood to be developed a little more, but other than that, this was an amazing read. I would most definitely recommend this to a friend. (4.5 STARS ROUNDED UP) (BOOK REPORT)

11 Birthdays By Wendy Mass
by Wendy Mass

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This book was awesome. 11 Birthdays is an action-packed story with something new I have never found in reading. The twist of Wendy having her 11th birthday everyday put me, the reader, into awe. I was enjoyed by this story and this new direction the story took. The ending was also very cool when her and Leo realized that they are best friends forever. This book was great, one of my all time favorite books with a lot of suspence and curiousness involved. This was a great book.

The Little Prince
by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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This book was definitely different compared to the other books I read. It was a bit boring but interesting at the same time. The plot of the book was very confusing and it made me wonder what the book is actually about. However, it did represent the open-mindedness of children and how you should never undermine a child's thoughts.

Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer

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Breaking Dawn is the fourth book to the Twilight Saga that details the marriage of human Bella Swan to the vampire Edward Cullen. While I found this book enjoyable, it did have a lot of content made me cringe many times. As someone who already likes Twilight, this book is dear to me, but not all readers would enjoy it the same. The book doesn't have as much emotional depth as it could, though I liked how it created a universe with new concepts for the fictional creatures within it. I felt like the foreshadowing of Bella's pregnancy was too heavy and unnecessary. It kept bringing up the concept in a way that was not subtle at all. Additionally, the wording of certain passages felt odd. Overall, I'd recommend this book to other Twilight fans to increase their knowledge of the events of the story, but I don't think all readers could enjoy it.

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